It is said that sport is the school of life. Through sport, a person can learn skills that will help them navigate day-to-day life and the requirements of school and work in the modern world. Fencing is particularly adapted for this in the particular ways it helps tone the body while training the mind.

Tone the Body
As a whole body workout, fencing will help increase your aerobic and anaerobic abilities. It particularly aids in the development of a strong core, shoulders, and legs. It increases reaction speed and flexibility, while improving posture and overall health. Beyond all this, fencing will also help develop fine motor skills and physical coordination while creating an athletic and lean physique. Our sport helps foster a deep sense of proprioception and kinesthetic sense, or the ability to command your body to act as you want.
Fencing is recognised as a high intenseity sport and is part of major Games such as the Olympics, the Universiades, the Pan-Am Games, the Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games. Any great fencer is a great athlete.
Train the Mind
Fencing helps build character by fostering self-confidence, encouraging perseverance and developing cognitive skills. Fencing improves focus, logical thinking and the ability to deal with change. It also reinforces the ability to focus for long periods of time and and tactical flexibility. It is a sport that increases decision-making skills and the ability to make these decisions quickly and assertively even in high-pressure situations.
Through the very skill set required to become great at their sport, fencers become well-equipped to succeed in today's competitive job market.