The Vango Way offers a tangible measure of progress and achievement for all its members.
Along with its three-part teaching system consisting of technical, physical and combat classes (click here for more information), Vango classes are organised by levels, ensuring that you always have a class tailored to your needs.
Members who have previous fencing experience will be assessed upon arrival in order to determine their level.

Progress is measured through exams for which members register. These exams occur three or four times yearly. You can find them in our Grading Calendar.
With the exception, the levels apply for both Kids and Youth & Adult Classes.
Beginner Class
The Beginner Class aims to teach the very basics of fencing, while providing the beginnings of physical conditioning. In order to progress to Intermediate, students must have filled have attended class for a minimum of 4 consecutive months, competed in at least competition, and pass an assessment of their physical and technical abilities.

Vango Toronto currently offers Beginner Classes for both Foil, and Epee.
Beginner Foil Curriculum: Basic footwork, beats 4 and 6, parries 4 and 6, disengage and couter-disengage.
Beginner Epee Curriculum: Basic footwork, opposition 6 and 8, parries 6 and 8, beat 4, disengage and counter-disengage.
The Intermediate Class aims to further the development of fencers and increase their strength and technique. Actions will be examined more in-depth, and students will be encouraged to apply their knowledge. In order to progress to Advanced, students must have spent a minimum of one year in the intermediate class, and demonstrated competitive abilities in competition settings.
The Advanced Class aims to help fencers achieve mastery of more complex fencing techniques. It also holds them to a more stringent standard for fitness. In order to advance to Elite, fencers must have filled class time requirements and shown promise on the provincial and national competitive stage.
By coach’s invitation only. Elite Classes members will have individually-tailored training programs adapted to their needs and in line with the LTAD model’s “Train to Compete” and “Train to Win” streams.



2017-2018 Test Schedule


Unless noted otherwise, tests will be held after the last class on Saturday (after 17:30). To register for a test, please contact reception.


- September 13, 2017