Summer Camps

Vango Toronto is pround to announce that it will be hosting summer camps of all levels throughout the whole summer! 

We will be hosting three varieties of camps: Initiation to Fencing, Learn to Train, and High Performance.


For more information on our summer camp programs, please check out our facebook page or contact us at



Initiation to Fencing Camps


These camps are for children between the ages of 8-12 who have no previous fencing experience. Participants will learn the basics of epee - footwork, hitting, parrying, rules and general tactics - and participate in fencing and non-fencing activities and games. The focus is on learning a new sport while having fun, and follows the FUNdamental Stage of the Canadian Sport for Life LTAD model. Each camp includes 3 days of training, as well as individual and team tournaments. Each participant will receive a Vango Fencing t-shirt and will be awarded with a certificate for having participated of Initiation to the Vango Way at the end of the week.


The Initiation to Fencing Camps run from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday to Friday at the Vango Toronto Fencing Center location at 980 Denison Street in Markham.


Summer 2019 Dates

(At least 6 kids per camp)

Initiation to Fencing 1: July 8-12

Initiation to Fencing 2: July 15-19

Initiation to Fencing 3: July 22-26

Initiation to Fencing 4: July 29 - Aug 2

Initiation to Fencing 5: Aug 26-30

Price:$450/week plus tax


Learn to Train Fencing Camps


These camps are tailored for participants who have previous fencing experience and are looking to improve their abilities in a fun and hard-working environment. The camp is for ages 11 and up, and will help participants hone their technical, physical and mental fencing skills with a focus on keeping it fun and safe. It follows the Learn to Train stage of the Canadian Sport for Life LTAD model. Vango Toronto will be offering these camps for foil and epee.


Summer 2019 Dates

Learn to Train (Epee): 

July 8-12

Aug 26-30

Price: $500/week plus tax


High Peformance Fencing Camps


These camps are designed to help fencers reach the peak of athletic performance. These camps ae designed for kids above the age of 12 with fencing experience looking to compete nationally as well as internationally. The High Performance Camps focus on the Train to Compete and Train to Win streams of the Canadian Sport for Life LTAD model.


- Michel Sicard High Peformance Epee Camp: (TBD)


- Hight Performance Foil Camp : Aug 5-9


This year we have the pleasure of inviting illustrious French fencing master Michel Sicard, who has garnered numerous medals for French epee during his time as National Team coach. He will be teaching tactics and bout management over the course of one week this summer; be sure to register early, there is limited space!

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